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Messi's previous and upcoming potential for new club fixtures

Lionel Messi's Barcelona contract expired at the end of June, and he is officially a free agent. Angola just won the Copa America in Brazil with the 34-year-old. On August 5, the club announced that they had been unable to reach a new agreement with Messi owing to financial constraints. So, Messi is free to join any club he wants, and every team in the world hopes to sign him. Everyone has been making predictions regarding this so are we. As per our predictions, Lionel Messi may play in the following leagues next season.


Manchester City:

Don't be surprised if Manchester City calls again for Messi after failing to win the Champions League this year. If Messi becomes a free agent, Pep Guardiola would be a fool for not signing him.

It's possible that City, as one of the few clubs who can afford Messi's wages, would silence the skeptics by letting him shine in the Premier League before. It's no secret that Guardiola's return would be enticing to the No.10, and it could be precisely what City needs to win the Champions League finally.

With the club's recent signing of Jack Grealish, a probable Messi move may be complicated. However, if any team can make room for another star, it is definitely Manchester City.

Paris Saint-German:

Due to their financial strength, PSG is a strong contender for Messi's signature, and they've apparently already held conversations with the attacker. This previous season, they failed to qualify for the Champions League and will be desperate to bolster their squad in any way When they were at Barcelona, Neymar and Messi had a dangerous connection, and Neymar's influence could be crucial in encouraging Messi to stay in France for a season or two. PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has already said that clubs are allowed to approach Messi this summer, but the club has been cryptic about their intentions.

Major League Soccer:

It's not likely Messi will relocate to the United States anytime soon, but a recent rumor from Spain suggests he could join MLS side Inter Miami in two years. For the MLS, which has earned a reputation for recruiting world-class talent before they hang up their boots, a contract like this would be big. In the event that Messi decides to go to the United States in the near future, Inter Miami, co-owned by David Beckham, might be a perfect destination for him. When it comes to financial stability and expansion, the club is in a good place to expand its position in the coming years. Messi recently spent some time in the United States, a country for which he has affection.


This might be a ruse to get La Liga to lift their financial limitations on the Catalan giants after they announced Messi wouldn't be returning. Barca and Messi both intended to prolong their collaboration next season, but financial constraints forced the arrangement to fall through at the last minute. He appeared to be on his way out of Camp Nou before last season began, but he was able to resolve his problems, and there's a chance that may happen again.

Newell Old Boys:

It's an emotional choice, as Messi began his childhood career with this team in Argentina, and it's apparent that he still has Messi is still at the top of his powers. Thus a move to Old Boys next season is highly unlikely. This was acknowledged by the club's current coach, German Burgos, in March, who also hinted at a possible future comeback. "I don't believe that he'll leave Barcelona since it's his home, just as it is for Newell. According to Burgos, "I believe he will pass through here at some point." Messi will want to play at Newell's since Diego Maradona played here. That, I believe, will change at some point. We can only hope that it'll happen.


We have listed some of the most probable club fixtures for Messie. However, our hopes are still high that this legend will still stay at Barca, the club that made him what he is today. Most likely, the 33-year-old will stay in Barcelona. Since joining the Blaugrana 17 years ago, he has demonstrated a remarkable level of dedication to the club. Despite his dissatisfaction with recent changes, he is expected to finish his playing career in the Blaugrana jersey. Till he joins some other club, let's keep our hopes up!

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