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August 15, 2020

Upcoming Winter Trends to Follow in 2021

Summer is a season that everyone enjoys. The sun is shining brilliantly, and you have a plethora of gorgeous outfit options to choose from. However, the true quandary arises during the harsh winters.

As snow piles up on your driveway and chilly air brushes across your skin, the thought of changing out of your cozy jammies and into a lovely outfit feels like a nightmare. Starting with a lockdown, we have now come halfway past 2021, and it will be chilly winters in a few months.

Not sure how to prepare your wardrobe for that? Read the blog below to find out some of the upcoming trends to follow in the year 2021:


1. Layering is the key!

In winters, fashion is about looking stylish and trendy and protecting ourselves from the harsh climate conditions.

It may be as basic as Priyanka Chopra's coat and scarf; the key to this layering approach is to lengthen hemlines and proportions. If you're more comfortable wearing a lot of clothing, consider Gabrielle Union's combination, which layers on numerous distinct statement items without seeming too heavy. The goal here is to divert the viewer's attention.



2. Lay the Groundwork:

Every great outfit needs a firm foundation, and a black turtleneck, leather leggings, and combat boots are as solid as it gets.The style is flexible and tight while remaining polished, and it can be effortlessly topped off with your favorite outerwear. You can't go wrong with a longline camel coat, as Jennifer Lopez exhibits here, especially when it's Max Mara.


3. Teddy Weather:

Selena Gomez has just returned to her top-notch street style game, and this outfit reminds us all of the endless power of the teddy coat. This fake fur piece will fool you into believing you are swaddled up on the sofa even while you are out and about, and it looks best with tailored pants and clunky footwear—bonus points for a statement mask.


4. Monotones are Back:

We don't blame you if you're not ready to let go of your cotton fleece outfits, and neither does Sofia Richie. The model exemplifies how putting a monochrome twist on your beloved sweatpants and shoes covers the fact that you just got out of bed—and we're scribbling this tip down for future lazy weekends.


5. Beige is the New Black:

A crewneck sweater and pants never go out of style, and Kendall Jenner completed the outfit with a pair of clunky shoes. Here's to looking like a Thanksgiving dish long after the holiday season is over.

This winter, beige is the new black! Get your hands on a beige sweater or sweatshirt to up your style game at full pace.


6. Puffer Coats:

When your teddy bombers and lightweight coats aren't keeping you warm enough, it's time to invest in a good puffer—and, despite its athletic appeal, the soft coat still looks sophisticated. It's essential for errands and cold walks.

Taylor Hill remained cool and warm in a knee-length puffer, vintage denim, and Converse sneakers—because why deal with freezing winds when you can remain all snuggled up in a comfortable puffer coat?


7. Sweater Dress:

When we saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing this purple sweater dress by Hanifa, we knew it had to be in our closet this winter. Not only does it appear to be quite comfortable, but the wrap design also works well with nearly any footwear, from sneakers to boots to pink heels

It does not require much effort to keep up with this look yet provides you with the warmth you need to fight harsh weather conditions.


8. Play Along With Proportions:

Winter clothing might be bulky, so try balancing and defining your figure by wearing a crop top with high-waisted leggings, as Yara Shahidi does.


Can't get enough of your summer favorites? Fergie Ferg has come to the rescue. Simply contrast the denim material with striking tights when wearing jean shorts during the brisk days of fall and winter—not only does it look festive for the holiday season, but it immediately dresses up the ensemble. Don't think we forgot about the fashion elephant in the room: shorts are, well, short.


Happy Winters!

With these eight fashion trends making their mark in 2021, you can command your fashion scene even in the dead of winter. Let us know which fashionable clothing trend suits your personality the most. Please share if there is anything we have overlooked in the comments area below!

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