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Intel has been one of the most operative and active companies at the CES 2021, where Alder Lake was one of the four new families of processors launch announced by Intel. At the CES press conference, the company announced that Alder Lake would be due around the second half of 2021. Intel has dropped some mad hints, which has provided us with a clear idea of what enthusiastic features and innovations we can expect from their 12 generation desktop chips quoted as Alder Lake.


Compared to other chips, Alder Lake seems to have a unique perspective and approach to intrigue the consumers. This product conveys some major vibes as Intel has quoted that this single product will exhibit a combination of high performance and efficiency cores that sound promising. Intel hopes for these to be the most proficient and competent processors you can find on any laptop. The long battery life of alder lake-powered PCs is what we can expect from it.

Intel has also revealed a significant advancement in their x86 architecture, suggesting that it will overcome the existing CPUs compatibility issues. The only other official news is that it will have a 10nm process and a faster transistor. A fascinating feature is the golden core cove design which sounds super cool. Intel has also stated it as a brilliant improvement of up to 20%in single-core and up to 2x for multithread. Some sources also confirmed that it would support gen 4 and gen 5PCIe Express and Thunderbolt 4 and DDR4/DDR5 memory.

DDR5 memory is also in restricted supply and might not have fully ramped up by the time Alder Lake launches anyways, so we expect only high-end motherboards to feature this. A few articles also conclude that the new LGA 1700 socket will be different from its predecessors, meaning Alder Lake will require new coolers. Development of the latest and updated RAM standard gives us high hopes for faster speed with double bandwidth. Some resources also leak that Alder Lake will hit a maximum frequency of 4.0GHz, which is convincing to hear.

The uplifting signs from the Alder lakes gaming test reveal that it can hit a maximum FPS of over 549, averaging over 120fps. Though the settings and resolutions used to record these figures are still unknown. It is absolute to say that the newest alder lake is a benchmark against the equivalence AMD chips, so a pc user considering a high-end CPU should surely contemplate this. Intel's Alder Lake is also to feature the big. LITTLE design philosophy.

From the disclosed information, we cannot deny that Alder Lake is somehow going to be the successor to 2020's Tiger Lake. With the year almost coming to its end, the excitement level is literally at its peak. Some competing stuff is about to hit the PC market, and we can't wait to see what they have in for us. Let's all hope for the best.

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